RTown Community is an organization which strives to create and support activities and events for citizen and visitors to the historic town of Roslyn, Washington.


Our vision is to be a sustainable organization that will meet the needs and celebrate the special qualities of our community for generations to come. We plant seeds, nurture community, and sustain connections with joy and passion: supporting and looking out for one another, celebrating our community and what it offers, promoting community development and pride, honoring each other’s gifts, and pooling resources and skills.


We encourage and initiate new endeavors and increased participation in community networks in Roslyn and upper Kittitas County.


Several long time Roslyn residents realized that the community had a need for an organization that would offer educational, cultural and artistic opportunities to bring people together. RTown began with a large gathering of community people at a potluck. Attendees brainstormed names, logos and goals. The result was a non-profit organization which began hosting events at people’s homes in 2008 and was incorporated in August 2010 as a (501) c (3). While RTown’s physical location is in the town of Roslyn, anyone, whether resident or visitor in upper Kittitas County is welcome to attend.

2018 – 2019 Activities

hidden treasures

Buy tickets for the Hidden Treasures Garden & Home Tour on June 15th. Proceeds from the Hidden Treasures tour support RTown University - creating classes for the community!

  • Community Harvest Party – November 17, 2018 – Sybil Maer-Fillo’s house - Gather at 4 pm – meal at 5:00 pm
  • Chocolate Extravaganza and very brief Annual “Meeting” -- February 10, 2019 - Gather at 4:00 4:00 and eating at 5:00 at Brodines
  • Student Art Walk – March 23, 2019
  • Roslyn Art Fest and Street Dance - August 2/3, 2019
  • Hidden Treasures of Roslyn Garden and Home Tour – June 15 (11:00 – 4:00)

Examples of Activities and Accomplishments

  • Annual Summer Art Fest: Activities include juried art show, street dance and art activities for families
  • Community celebrations: Winter and spring with potlucks and “join or judge competitions”
  • March Student Art Walk: We collaborate with the Because Art Matters (BAM) program, middle and high school artists and 27 businesses
  • Community Incubator: Helped start and continue to support the Art Festival, Cooperative and Community Gardens, Washington Outdoor School
  • Lane House Project: Assisted RDA in exploring uses for the building by holding Community Open House and Study Session in October 22, 2016
  • Time Trade: Software renewed upperkittitas.timebanks.org& continue to work to reach critical mass
  • Hidden Treasures of Roslyn: (June 15, 2019) Fundraiser which includes tours of a select group fascinating and interesting Roslyn properties (fee to be determined)

RTown Community Board Members

  • Peg Bryant President
  • Janine Brodine – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Cordy Cooke
  • Marc Brodine
  • Sybil Maer-Fillo
  • Alesha Schmedeke
  • Claudia Guilford
  • Beth Matanich
  • Arthur Mosiman

Sponsors & Supporters

  • City of Roslyn
  • Roslyn Downtown Association
  • Suncadia Fund for Community Enhancement
  • Kittitas County Lodging Tax
  • Individual Donors


Donations and support is greatly appreciatied
Please send donations to:
RTown Community, PO Box 197, Roslyn, WA 98941

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